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Achievements should be recognized with public praise, as well as with rewards such as bonus payments, gifts, or even just an extra day off. Recognition can go a long way in keeping someone motivated and encouraged. Our B2B database contains 150+ million business contacts to help you identify and reach out to your ideal customers with ease. Every regular activity needs to be turned into a repeatable process in the form of a SOPs, documentation, or a similar, easily accessible knowledge base. If your team is fully remote, your face-to-face time will decrease.

If you’re shifting from in-person selling to a remote selling environment, make the transition as smooth as possible by leveraging the right tools and technology. Managing clients, accounts and a sales team remotely means you need to engage in a lot of online conversations, written or otherwise. If using Zoom for work meetings, reps can also use virtual backgrounds to create a professional environment.

At the sales engagement platform Mailshake, Head of Sales Luiz Centenaro has spent the last three months learning how to improve remote coaching for his distributed team. Without an office to showcase team culture, managers need to set the tone. They may need to share leads, update others about the progress, etc. Without the tools at their disposal, you’ll end up with miscommunication and this can dramatically slow down your sales process. It’s easy being in an office where guidance and IT support are always on hand to help, but when working remotely, it’s important that your team has the right tools for the job and knows how to use them. Additionally, you should also find ways to appreciate hard-working employees and reward them appropriately.

Make Sure Your Team Has The Right Tools And Strategy

This is the complete opposite of synchronous communication, which happens in real-time. Some examples of synchronous communication include face-to-face conversations and video calls over tools like Zoom. Go over the ground rules on how to find leads, what to do when cold calling prospects, when to perform follow-up work, how to close the deal and the procedures on what to do if they experience any problems.

managing a remote sales team

By being mindful of these struggles, and frequently checking in on your team members individually, you can avoid this type of burnout. Here are some actionable ways to help support your employees and their wellbeing. This can be a challenge when you cannot physically show benchmarks or goals, but services and tools such as Hubspot can help. Make it an effort to routinely go over sales objectives and progress on leads or deals.

One of the reasons that data can get scrambled at your remote office is team members are using different tools to do the same job. Imagine if you had one person creating images with Adobe Photoshop while another person uses Affinity. For instance, these interactions give your team time to talk about different ideas and let their creativity shine. This is precisely what’s missing from many brick-and-mortar businesses. Employees are not given the freedom to discuss ideas in an open forum, which leads to lower satisfaction ratings and a lack of professional development.

Creating A Professional Selling Environment

Discussing the progress of your sales targets is best accomplished through effective virtual sales meetings on video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Hangouts, GoToMeeting, or Skype. The practice of setting precise, achievable goals becomes critical in the context of a distributed sales team to instill drive and direction to their activities. But what you can do as a manager is to promote self-learning and inspire your remote team by encouraging a culture of learning and growth. The remote workforce is mainly stuck with passive learning tools such as videos, courses, lectures and presentations on sales activities and principles. A sales process will ensure that you have a well-defined and repeatable group of activities that you can perform to reach a certain target like the number of deals closed, $ value generated, etc. Train based on a solid foundation of proven sales processes, and you’ll give your team the ability to work autonomously in a remote setting, no matter what the world situation may be.

Once you have the right team in place, you need to have the right tools to allow them to maximize their effectiveness. Samantha Avneri of Regpacks adds, “We’ve always had team meetings, but we’ve expanded on those. They are required to meet amongst themselves at least 2x per week to go over high prospect sales they are currently working on and give feedback to each other . This is something that was easy to do in-person when you could take a break from a call and chat for 5 minutes while making some coffee. Many remote work tools – like Slack, Zoom, and Google Sheets – that you are using to collaborate and communicate across your company can also work well for remote sales teams.

If they don’t feel motivated without the buzz of an in-office atmosphere, they’re likely not going to perform well on your virtual team. However, virtual sales teams have unique challenges, such as fostering the energy of a sales floor through Zoom and other virtual tools. Stellar sales work is possible outside of a traditional company office. As a sales manager, it is important to lead your virtual sales team with the intention of helping them reach their goals while adjusting to a new way to work. The key to ensuring a smooth transition to remote selling is to invest in effective communication, sales automation tools and setting up an environment for your sales team that supports working from home.

Create sales funnel – The first thing you need to do is create a sales funnel or funnels for your team. This sales funnel, or cadence, should be designed around your company’s sales process so that every prospect goes through the same pre-defined stages of your process before becoming a customer. With your sales team scattered, staying connected is vital for success.

You can use this time to get everyone together in one place to talk about company updates, as well as to formally introduce new team members. If your team is expected to hop on calls, you can use Dialpad to select past calls and create a playlist to show examples of successful calls. These playlists are a great way to do virtual training can be created around certain themes and help increase your team’s confidence. This type of sales training ensures new team members stay involved every step of the way. Try a mixture of video, text, and interactive content to onboard your team. Make sure to have everything in one place , or take it a step further and create a comprehensive online course for your sales reps.

Team building might look a bit different in the remote world, but it’s still possible to keep everyone engaged and having fun. It can save businesses money, increase productivity, and help with recruiting. If you’re thinking of starting a remote team or expanding your existing workforce, this guide is for you. Take advantage of our helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of working in a remote environment. And with a smart and innovative video conferencing app, like Whoosh, you’ll always be sure you’re on the same wavelength with your employees, no matter where they are currently located. While you should be communicating with your remote salespeople, there’s no need to check in too frequently.

managing a remote sales team

As the leader of a remote sales team, you need to make sure everyone on your team is communicating with each other daily. Take the time to schedule some meetings only on a bi-weekly basis where everyone is kept up to date on the latest project or company event. However, these meetings should also provide a way for everyone to communicate with each other. Before or after the start of a meeting, you could do some team-building activities that keep everyone engaged and learn more about each other. Remote working changes the ways people can share files and information. Since they are not working in the same office space, they need tools that allow them to share essential documents.

What’s The Remote Sales Team Success Secret?

That created an additional hour and a half per day that my remote rep had my undivided attention.” We suggest checking out our all-in-one business communication app if you want to invest in a reliable system that allows for both messaging and HD video calls. On the other hand, if your salesforce understands the common goals and pain points expressed by your audience when they contact support, your team can create marketing material that aligns with their needs. Learn how to use the BANT framework to qualify leads in modern sales environments and discover why it’s still a valid model for qualification.

managing a remote sales team

That meant a more hands-on role for sales management, Barretto said. Sales leaders will join the interviews earlier to talk about culture and values and answer any candidate questions. Their presence can help provide some certainty for a new hire about what they’re getting into. Daily stand-ups work for some teams, but they can lead to “Zoom-fatigue” if the team doesn’t find them useful. For managers, it’s about finding human connection points to build that trust and rapport, Tribble said.

Some analysts predict that 25-30% of the workforce will work from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021. However, having a remote sales team during the pandemic quarantines presented some unique and unexpected challenges. Your sales team should be no exception as long as they’re hitting their numbers and providing the same level of customer experience. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on six powerful strategies to motivate and lead a remote sales team.

Reasons Why You Should Use Video Marketing To Promote Your Business

Make sure your remote sales team knows how to use it and offer instructionals to those who are struggling. Fortunately, many studies suggest remote workers actually feel more productive working from home. It’s all about keeping your virtual sales team engaged and motivated so that they can excel and feel positive about working remotely.

This presents an opportunity for them to learn from your years of experience on the job. Cloud-based storage systems enable workers to access company information from their personal computer at home, or on their smartphone and update prospect records from anywhere. Cloud software helps ensure that every member of your remote sales team has the information they need exactly when they need it, so everyone can receive the most up-to-date information.

Sales teams are now using Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, or a voice call. This digital switch to communication can be seamless, as long as clear expectations are set and the proper tools are incorporated to connect remote employees . Though working virtually can be a major shift for some sales teams, with some flexibility and willingness to adapt, they can still reach their goals. Not every in-person sales rep will be able to transition seamlessly to a fully remote sales role. One major deterrent to a sales rep’s success in virtual sales is how self-motivated they are.

How To Keep Your Remote Sales Team Productive

You can also motivate your employees to read more self-help and career-related books. Research published in Neurology shows how reading can improve brain functions. Now, in the remote work environment, their mental stress has spiked manifold. Dashboards & KPIs by BrightGauge KPI dashboards Managing a Remote Team and reporting for real-time business insights. It’s also useful to supplement these lessons with downloadable video reminders for future reference. You could also provide incentives for completing the training, such as certificates or small financial rewards like gift cards.

Leaders Must Get To Know Their Remote Salespeople

Along the same lines, it’s critical to be okay with children and pets popping in for the occasional cameo. Your salespeople have personal lives, and the more comfortable they are bringing their full selves to work, the more likely they are to connect with your company and want to stick around. These job descriptions are a guide for revenue leaders to begin positioning their growing teams for revops domination.

Create comprehensive training programs and establish an onboarding process for new hires. Try creating virtual lessons, engaging classroom-style lectures, examinations, gamified coaching sessions, and more. Combine techniques to empower your team and make it easy for them to reach their full sales potential. For instance, tracking sales KPIs allows a sales manager to get a clear picture of how the remote team is performing. Using a call tracking tool the manager can connect the critical call tracking metrics with sales KPIs like the sales cycle length and the ROI of the inbound calls.

Invest in resources for your salespeople, budget depending, to help them produce their best work from home. If 80% of your salesperson’s calls are to those unlikely to buy, or if the salesperson is not communicating your product’s value the best way possible, it’s time for a change. To make tracking progress even more reliable, ask your team to share regular updates and call recordings so you can help them improve future pitches. All they need to do is set their available time slots and share the link with their clients.

Working from home may eliminate a lot of wasted time, but it can also create a lot of distractions that may themselves lead to wasted time. The biggest problem that many people have when adjusting to working from home is an inability to “code-switch” between their home life and their professional life. When you are within the comfort of your own home, putting your nose to the grindstone and adopting a working mindset can often be a challenge. This is especially true for parents and caregivers who are prone to even more distractions when working from home. As well (e.g., purchasing the right software for your team), these expenses are sure to be much lower than the cost of employing a traditional sales team. Thank you very much indeed for sharing this important information with us.

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